18 september 2014

Cultures Maison - Bries exhibition

Last weekend was the opening of the Bries exhibition at the Cultures Maison festival.
You can still visit it until the 21th of september. And you should!

With works by Dieter vdo, Wide Vercnocke, Brecht Vandenbroucke, Olivier Schrauwen, Piet et Jan Pollet, Kai Pfeiffer, Dominique Goblet, Céline Hudréaux and myself. 

16 mei 2014


One page comic, published in the latest issue of Tieten Met Haar.

07 februari 2014


I'm really glad to say that I'm working on a book. It'll be a illustration/comic book, and will be published by Bries at the end of this year!


Illustration in Rekto:verso this month. Together with an article about one of my favourite books "The Royal Game" by Stefan Zweig.

16 januari 2014

New books

By Berliac, Inger Zivana, Ward Zwart, Marcel Dzama and CF.