28 augustus 2009


My fifteen favourite books 

Alice in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll), because it is the most fascinating.

The Waste Land (T. S. Eliot), because the words are so simple, but so beautiful.

De Roos en het Zwijn (Anne Provoost), because it is the children's book that i still love the most.

Romancero Gitano (Federico Garcia Lorca), because i like to stroke the pages.

Alle Verhalen (‘Collected Stories’) (Roald Dahl), because every child should be raised with the books of Roald Dahl.

Stad der Blinden (‘Ensaio sobre a cegueira’) (José Saramago), because it haunted my dreams and i could not stop reading.

De Weg (‘The Road’) (Cormac McCarthey), because of the irksome atmosphere and dialogues.

Hygiëne van de moordenaar (‘Hygiène de l’assassin’) (Amélie Nothomb), because it was the first adult-book i’ve read, and because i loved it.

Naïef. Super (‘Naïv. Super.’) (Erlend Loe), because of the way Erlend Loe can make complicated things look so easy.

Kafka op het Strand (Haruki Murakami), because he can create worlds like no one else.

Waar Gebeurd (a collection of old newspaper articles about murder, attacks and suicides), because my grandfather read those to me, and he loved me for loving it.

Ongelikt (Bart Moeyaert), because it is a great rewrite of Shakespeare’s King Lear.

Anna Karenina (Lev Tolstoj), because Tolstoj gives me the feeling i know every character in the book, and because i will miss them when the book is finished.

La maladie de la mort (Marguerite Duras), because of the way she can write about the most simple things.

Souvenir d’une journée parfaite (Dominique Goblet), because of the story, the story behind the story and the drawings that i love more than anything else.   

(took this from her)

3 opmerkingen:

  1. daar zitten er toch een paar tussen die mij zeer intrigeren!

  2. Een boeiende keuze. En een mooie blog hier, ook.

  3. Goblet's Souvenir is in my top ten comics ever. it would was kinda expensive for me, due to south-american currency things, you know...but it's worth every cent, I read it once a week.