26 februari 2010

soft as chalk

i can not stop listening to her.

every day i have a new favourite song.
and there are 18 of them.
today this is the one:

(i promise i will try to avoid more posts or conversations about her or her music in the future. because i'm annoying people tremendously by talking about nothing else anymore. i went every day of the week to the cd store, although i knew it would not be released until monday)

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Trek het je niet aan. Ik zit duizend tekens over de limiet in mijn recensie, heb er meer dan duizend geschrapt en nauwelijks iets over de plaat kunnen zeggen. Mijn plaat van het jaar heb ik al.

  2. is it her new album?
    I think she's really unique and awesome.
    don't stop talking about her :D

  3. feel free to talk about her. i didn't know and now i want lo ear more!