06 mei 2010

mijn haar

yesterdaymorning i found this little bag, filled with hair, in an old closet in my room.

when i was four or five years old, my mother took me for the first time to the hairdresser.
as i saw my hair lying on the floor, i started screaming and cried continuously: "now i'm not a princess anymore".
i gathered all the hair from the floor, and took it home in this little bag.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. my sister used to react in a similar way when she was little ;)
    it's a traumatic experience!

  2. aw that is so sweet and it's lovely to find such things many years after.
    but now you hair is looong and beautiful!

  3. schattig! ik heb ook nog zo ergens een lange vlecht. van na mn eerste communie. moet ik nog eens zoeken!