28 december 2009

28 december

today it's one year since my grandfather died. although he was very sick during the past ten years of my life, i felt we had a very similar mind and the same obsessions.

when i was a child, he loved to combine my child's drawings with his own. i remember how everyone told me to feel honored that he would use my drawings, but as a little child i never understood why nobody told him to feel honored that he could use mine.

this is a picture i made during the last years of his life. i had an entire sketchbook filled with drawings i made during those last years, but the book was stolen in barcelona. this is one of the few drawings i have left.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. amai mega cool die pagina met je kindertekeningen!
    doet me wat denken aan de strips van http://jaakko-p.blogspot.com/

  2. oh no. it's so sad that they've stolen the book. but i love this post. I know you and your grandfather had a very strong relationship.

  3. i am sorry for your stolen book. but the memories are strong.

  4. prachtige foto van meester Luc, mooie tijden komen terug voor de geest,wat een man… Ik heb er alles van geleerd…