04 december 2009

"wild tigers i have known"

last night, we went to a show of emily jane white in ghent. it was very intimate, and again, so beautiful and stirring. i'm still working on some drawings inspired by her lyrics.

here's also a video i made at the show yesterday (it's becoming a tradition)

2 opmerkingen:

  1. GREAT! like you martha. do you get many interesting concerts in ghent? because here in milano we don't get many bands I like... :(

  2. yes, we do get a lot of shows here in belgium (more in brussels than ghent, but here nothing is really far away from eachother). but there is a very interesting and active club-circuit in here. (sad that there isn't such a thing in milano. i would say you should come over to belgium, but (except for the music) you would be disappointed, when you're used to italy)