19 februari 2012


Fantasmas is an exhibition in Argentina and Brazil, organized by Adriana Maria Fernanda and her Fantasmas collective. You can see few of my drawings, next to a lot of other artists from all over the world. The exhibition will be in Buenos Aires on the 22nd of february, in Rio de Janeiro on the 9 & 10th of march, and in Sao Paolo on the 16 & 17th of march. If you're around, take a look because it will be great!

Full list of participants: emmanuelle pidoux(francia)/mia christopher (usa)/martha verschaffel (bélgica)/ana benaroya (usa)/berliac(argentina)/ines christine geißer(alemania)/kirsten carina geißer (alemania)/alejandra hernadez (colombia)/jon vaughn(canada)/muriel bellini (argentina)/inti guevara rios (colombia)/javier fabregas (colombia)/kyle pellet (usa)/sofia alvarez (colombia)/gustavo gialuca (brasil)/mariana abasolo (brasil)/paola gaviria(ecuador / colombia)/weng pixin (singapur)/diego cadena (colombia)/marco toxico (bolivia)/chihiro kataoka (japón)/ camila gallego (colombia)/amadeo gonzales ( perú )/renso gonzales (perú)/diana menestrey (colombia)/daisuke ichiba (japón)/cindi jackson (chile)/pablo boffeli (argentina)/valeria giraldo (colombia)/juana neumann (argentina)/ernan cirianni (argentina)/ daniel alva (perú)/arnaud loumeau(francia)/daniela kantor(argentina)/ esteban rey(colombia)/adriana lozano (colombia)

visit the website here: http://adriana-fantasmas.blogspot.com/

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