24 februari 2012

Martha Verschaffel/Aidan Koch

There will be a zine presentation of my new zine Owl Cave II on the 23th of march. There will also be a small expo with some of the drawings, together with an exhibition of the work of the wonderful Aidan Koch, curated and organized by 'Huis Haas', the new initiative by Ephameron en Mayken.

The presentation and expo's take place in Kornèl, the new coffee shop/artists workplace/gallery in Antwerp. Hope to see you all there!

more information on the website of huis haas

3 opmerkingen:

  1. hello martha ! I would like to get one of your new zines and I wish you luck for the upcoming show , I also like the look of aidans work too .....the link is not working tho :(

  2. thanks jane! i'll post it also on my blog when the zine will be finished, at the end of march. (and the link should be working right now, sorry!)

  3. joepiejee olé pistolé!