27 oktober 2009

a little dance with the devil

drawings, inspired by the lyrics of emily jane white's 'hole in the middle'

23 oktober 2009

mijn hert

the first of a new serie silkscreens i'm working on

20 oktober 2009


two pictures my uncle took from me when i was little. i like the contradiction between both. and i don't know which one is the most frightening.

18 oktober 2009


i love how the paper wrinkles because it's way too delicate for this technique

14 oktober 2009

bal masqué

stills from a film me and my cousins made in december. 

08 oktober 2009

the drowned sailor

new drawings for 'the waste land'

07 oktober 2009


saw this portrait on the graveyard today. 

04 oktober 2009

hanna, herman en elsa

three portraits from people i've met at night

02 oktober 2009