24 februari 2012

Martha Verschaffel/Aidan Koch

There will be a zine presentation of my new zine Owl Cave II on the 23th of march. There will also be a small expo with some of the drawings, together with an exhibition of the work of the wonderful Aidan Koch, curated and organized by 'Huis Haas', the new initiative by Ephameron en Mayken.

The presentation and expo's take place in Kornèl, the new coffee shop/artists workplace/gallery in Antwerp. Hope to see you all there!

more information on the website of huis haas

19 februari 2012


Fantasmas is an exhibition in Argentina and Brazil, organized by Adriana Maria Fernanda and her Fantasmas collective. You can see few of my drawings, next to a lot of other artists from all over the world. The exhibition will be in Buenos Aires on the 22nd of february, in Rio de Janeiro on the 9 & 10th of march, and in Sao Paolo on the 16 & 17th of march. If you're around, take a look because it will be great!

Full list of participants: emmanuelle pidoux(francia)/mia christopher (usa)/martha verschaffel (bélgica)/ana benaroya (usa)/berliac(argentina)/ines christine geißer(alemania)/kirsten carina geißer (alemania)/alejandra hernadez (colombia)/jon vaughn(canada)/muriel bellini (argentina)/inti guevara rios (colombia)/javier fabregas (colombia)/kyle pellet (usa)/sofia alvarez (colombia)/gustavo gialuca (brasil)/mariana abasolo (brasil)/paola gaviria(ecuador / colombia)/weng pixin (singapur)/diego cadena (colombia)/marco toxico (bolivia)/chihiro kataoka (japón)/ camila gallego (colombia)/amadeo gonzales ( perú )/renso gonzales (perú)/diana menestrey (colombia)/daisuke ichiba (japón)/cindi jackson (chile)/pablo boffeli (argentina)/valeria giraldo (colombia)/juana neumann (argentina)/ernan cirianni (argentina)/ daniel alva (perú)/arnaud loumeau(francia)/daniela kantor(argentina)/ esteban rey(colombia)/adriana lozano (colombia)

visit the website here: http://adriana-fantasmas.blogspot.com/

12 februari 2012

behind the comics

my "behind the comics" on the kuš blog, a series about the working processes of different illustrators.

06 februari 2012

sketchbook project

i participated on the sketchbook project 2012. it's a project by the brooklyn art library, with sketchbooks from all different artists. all of the sketchbooks are going on tour around the US and will be exihibited in museums and art galleries. every book has a different theme, mine was "the worst story ever told", and i made a little story about someone telling a story.

more information on: http://www.arthousecoop.com/projects/sketchbookproject2012