28 maart 2010

alma mater

first sketch for a cover of the book i'm working on. tomorrow i'll try to make a silkscreen test of this one.

22 maart 2010


these drawings were selected in the first round of the canvascollectie/collection-rtbf competition. they won't go to the final exhibition in brussels, but one of the two drawings can be seen on the website. (by mistake they put only one of the two selected drawings on the site, although they belong together.)

17 maart 2010


sketches and paper tests 

12 maart 2010


i promised some people to make an 'alice in wonderland' post. so here you are.

i've always been extremely fascinated by the story of lewis carroll. i've read the book several times, and i am trying to collect as many film adaptations as i can get. i have written my bachelor- and masterpaper about the film adaptations, but i keep on searching for more.

this is the first adaptation ever made. it was made in 1903, and at this time it was the longest film ever made. there are no actors, but only friends of the director and crew members.

this version is made in 1949, it is completely unknown because the film was boycotted by the disney company, who were also making their adaptation at the time. besides alice herself there are no actors, but only animated puppets. they are really frightening, that's why i love this version so much. sweet and scaring at the same time.

the 1966 adaptation directed by jonathan miller is one of my favourites. the story is very abstract an surreal. alice is played by anne-marie mallik, and i love her -rather bored- interpretation of the alice-figure.
miller said once: “It’s a film about children, not explicitly for them”. the most accurate 'alice in wonderland' quote i've ever heard.

and then, of course, my favourite version by jan svankmajer. the most frightening, but also the most interesting.

“alice thought to herself, now you will see a film. for children…perhaps. perhaps, but i forgot. now you must close your eyes, otherwise you won’t see anything.”

(i did not see the recent tim burton version. but i don't know if i want to. i don't really like most of the tim burton films. and i'm getting sick of al this sudden alice-media-hype-things)

07 maart 2010


some details from new drawings. the entire ones will be up here soon, i hope. 

03 maart 2010

dr. guislain

the exhibition "uit het geheugen" in the dr. guislain museum. 
by far the most interesting and inspiring museum in ghent.