25 april 2010

Black Moon (Louis Malle)

one of my all-time favourite film is this extraordinary and strange Alice in Wonderland adaptation.
(i've never met someone who shares this obsession, most people even hate it)

19 april 2010

child drawings (2)

what i found while i was looking at my old child drawings

how i hated to colour my drawings, even back then.
(great solution, though)
and below, two of my favourite animal-drawings
(bambi and an elephant)

13 april 2010

liv ullmann

she must be my favourite actress
too beautiful

she was ingmar bergman's muse,
and turned his film 'persona' into a true masterpiece

05 april 2010

what i dreamt about last night (4)

restless night, strange dreams

i wrote it down on six pieces of paper at 4 a.m.

about incubators, deformed people, scientists, tin coffins, gas stations, drills, fire and transparent skin.

03 april 2010

op zolder

this early morning i went to the attic of my parent's house, and discovered this box full of wood types . it's an amazing amount, and it belonged to my grandfather. i can't wait to use them!

(there's another one on the attic i did not open yet)