24 juli 2011


zines and books i got, bought or traded the last few weeks and months.

- lena weber, eva mundorff, ward zwart, jane o'sullivan, jaakko pallasvuo, celine hudreaux & tessa de ceuninck
- aidan koch, atak, ward zwart & mees, louis reith, kuti magazine, ephameron
- harmonie magazine, jack teagle, ping pong tactics, ephameron, appendix 18 (paul l. van haegenbergh)
- paul paetzel, aidan koch, s()n, jaakko pallasvuo and a book about navels.

21 juli 2011


silkscreened wedding invitations for nele and gerrit.

13 juli 2011

werkkamp 011

this week i have been working in werkkamp 011. it's an old bastion near antwerp, where a lot of artists have their own space where they can work on new projects. i'm working there together with oshin albrecht, she's working on an installation/performance in this old building. i'm trying to adapt her working process in drawings.
there's a small exhibition and book market this weekend, where you can see the working spaces of the artists and some trials and sketches of the projects everyone's working on. more information here: http://www.scheldapen.be/werkkamp011/

today we found two dead mice in the bastion. they reminded me of those.

06 juli 2011

gang bang bong

some pictures of my comic 'mouse trap', published in the second volume of the canadian/mexican comic anthology Gang Bang Bong. (with the first page of anthony cudahy's 'phantasm' next to mine.)