31 december 2010


my favourite records and live shows of 2010

Joanna Newsom - Have One On Me
Bill Callahan - Rough Travel For A Rare Thing
Damien Jurado - Saint Barlett
Emily Jane White - Ode To Sentience
Beach House - Teen Dream
Four Tet - There Is Love In You
Scout Niblett - The Calcination Of Scout Niblett
The Tallest Man On Earth - The Wild Hunt
Caribou - Swim
The National - High Violet

Joanna Newsom (Cirque Royal, Brussel)
Einstürzende Neubauten (AB, Brussel)
Hallogallo (Vooruit, Gent)
Roy Harper (Cirque Royal, Brussel)
Joanna Newsom (L'Aeronef, Lille)
Damien Jurado (Gent)
Ping Pong Tactics (Pleasure, Gent)
The Bony King of Nowhere (Departuur, Gent)
M.I.A. (Lokerse Feesten)
Beach House (Vooruit, Gent)
Scout Niblett (Vooruit, Gent)
Soap & Skin (AB, Brussel)
Bosque Brown (Vooruit, Gent)
The Salesman Who (Gent)
Peter Jacquemyn, Mauro Pawlowski en Eric Thielemans trio (Witte Zaal, Gent)

16 december 2010

Mary had a little lamb

three pages taken from a new comic for gaze books.
read the whole story on the site.

13 december 2010

trash ducks

Illustration for short story "Trash Ducks" by Jarred McGinnis.
Other contributions by the other Hand Drawing members.

23 november 2010

25 oktober 2010


at the time, my zines are part of zines-exhibitions in france and istanbul.

"Even My Mum Can Make a Book"
Initiated by Gamze Özer and Timothee Huguet this project shows alternative publishings like zines, fanzines, artist books and selfmade editions. Following an open call participants from all around the world submitted their works. The presentation at Manzara Perspectives is the first in a series as the project has the aim to create an archive that will be expanding and travelling through different venues.

"Fête du livre d'artiste à Forcalquier"
livre d’artiste et fanzinat belge, au Garage L. du 23 au 25 octobre

(with a lot of great belgian illustrators: ward zwart, bert huyghe, brecht vandenbroucke, yannick val gesto, ...)

24 oktober 2010

baby bird

found while cleaning out the attic

19 oktober 2010

a fox and a knife

drawings for a new project about a fox and a knife.

01 oktober 2010


poster for one of the upcoming kaspar hauser concerts.

21 september 2010

baby blue

photos taken in an antique shop in bern.. they had the best taxidermy collection i've ever seen.

13 september 2010

marie, marie, hold on tight.

walking in the mountains and taking swiss trains

10 september 2010

hand drawing

just today i joined the drawing collective "
hand drawing". it contains great work from cat lauigan, mia christopher, kimi pryor and many others. take a look at their and my work on the facebook page or the blog.

29 augustus 2010


new zine about a frog, a farm and fashion.

24 pages, handbound, with screenprinted text. each has a different cover stolen from old superhero comic books. i have only 28 copies, so let me know if you want one! (marthaverschaffel(at)gmail(dot)com) (6 euro + 2 for shipping)

25 augustus 2010


on the 17th and 18th of september there's a small exhibition in antwerp (together with a lot of shows and music and films), curated by astrid yskout, with drawings from astrid, sarah vanbelle, eva mundorff, kristof luyckx, dries bastiaensen and myself.

the great gradient poster is made by astrid and ward!

allemaal komen! ja!

18 augustus 2010


"But not this one, Jim. Okay?"

04 augustus 2010


started drawing my dream when i woke up this morning, finished ten minutes ago.

trades part 2

01 augustus 2010

25 juli 2010


my drawing for the newest BLD magazine. all the drawings in it are inspired by this weird photo. other great contributions by oshin, céline, ward, eva, brecht, nina, liesbeth, and many others.
more information: here

02 juli 2010


made a very little story to test our new printer.
it's about showers and coffee.

23 juni 2010

dode eend

since saturday there's a dead baby duck on my shelf.

18 juni 2010

alma mater

(finally) i finished my book.
32 pages of nightmares.
there are 100 copies, handbound and with a silkscreen printed cover.
you can get one for 7 euro (or, if i need to ship it, 2 euro extra for the postman)
--> just mail me: marthaverschaffel(at)gmail(dot)com