27 april 2012

mejor amigo

my deer is in the small zine "mejor amigo", curated by sofia alvarez, with other contributions by adriana lozano, powerpaola, muriel bellini and many others. 

23 april 2012

time out

my short story "time out" (2012)

13 april 2012

de morgen

there was a review of the expo of aidan koch and myself in the belgian newspaper 'de morgen' (27/03/12). you can still visit the expo, until the 18th of may, in kornél - sint lambertusstraat 1, antwerpen. (review by josefien van beek)

08 april 2012


ahoi! the new kuš is out! glad to have my comic inside this great issue, next to the other sea stories!

A6, 148 pages, full-color, perfect bound, english. with other contributions by Ābols (Latvia), Akvilė Misevičiūtė (Lithuania), Andrea Bruno (Italy), Anete Lielpētere (Latvia), Anete Matvejeva (Latvia), Anna Vaivare (Latvia), Ansis Puriņš(USA), Box Brown (USA), Dace Sietiņa (Latvia), Éndrjü (Latvia), KJ Martinet (USA), König Lü.Q. (Switzerland), Laila Milevski (USA), Lars Sjunnesson (Sweden), Laura Ķeniņa (Canada), Luka Va (Lithuania), Maciej Sieńczyk (Poland), Maré Odomo (USA), Martha Verschaffel (Belgium), Martiņš Zutis (Latvia), Max Baitinger (Germany), Mikus Duncis(Latvia), Noah Van Sciver (USA), Oskars Veilands-Kustikovs (Latvia), Patryk Mogilnicki(Poland), Richard Short (England), Rūta Briede (Latvia), Simon H (Austria), Tetsu Kayama(Japan).

if you want one (and you should!), get a copy on the kuš webpage for 12$ (incl. worldwide shipping), or in several shops all over the world (view the list).