27 oktober 2013

new books

New books! "Tiny aan zee", a book about house plants, "Haais & Gaai II" by Ward zwart & Ignace Cami, "---schikken: kunst en plezier"by Eva Vermeiren, the Spirou-catalogue, "Photographs" by Stine Sampers, "Dos à dos" by Ephameron and Isabelle Vandenabeele and "It Chooses you by Mirandy July. 

24 oktober 2013


The "Spirou 75" exhibition opened last night in The Seed Factory in Brussels. The works in the exhibition are interpretations of the comic character Spirou, to celebrate its 75-years anniversary. 

You can see my contribution together with those by John Broadley, Loic Gaume, Korneel Detailleur, Ever Meulen and many more until the 31th of december in The Seed Factory, Vrijwilligerslaan 19, Brussels. 

11 oktober 2013

tlön, uqbar, orbis tertius

"Graphic And: A framed Utopia" is a group show, running in Breda until the 27th of october, hosted by Electron and Ephameron. With great works by Louis Reith, Hedof, Merijn Hos, Martha Verschaffel, Ward Zwart en Ignace CamiEva Mundorff, Thijs Kelder and Ephameron.

I did my own hand drawn version of Jorge Luis Borges' short story "Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius". A weird story about an encyclopedia, a cone and reversing things.

 I made a few copies of the book, as a zine. (You can get them in the expo-shop.)


Rekto Verso

My contribution for the 10th anniversary edition of Rekto:Verso.