11 juni 2013


Publication by the new collective Sorryklaas. 
It's a series of illustrations based on the Rorschach spots. On the photos you can see the contributions by Laura Bergans (photo 2), myself (photo 3), Nina Vandeweghe and Shanna Coppens (photo 4) and Gerard Herman and Sarah Vanbelle (photo 5). 

More info on the Sorryklaas facebook page.

06 juni 2013


New books: 

"Het verzameld werk van Loes Veenstra", "It's not an ocean" by Céline Hudréaux & Geert Ooms, Tieten Met Haar #1 en #2, Cutting Edges and poems by Rilke. 

Photos by Norbert Ghisoland, "All I have learned and forgotten again" by Jockum Nordstrom, "Generositeit", "White Cube" by Brecht Vandenbroucke, "Haunted Air", "Wolf" by Geert de Kockere en Ann Kestens, "Meisjes van de fabriek" and the "De vrolijke brigade" catalogue.