31 augustus 2011


ruisbestuiving is a new project by glimworm, a radio show here in ghent. they released a new record with collaborations between several belgian artists. the covers for the 400 lp's of this record were made by 400 different artists. this is my copy, which you can see, together with the 399 other ones, in the exhibition on the 1st and 2nd of september in DOK (ghent). the day after (3/9) you can listen to the songs and buy the records on the release party.

more info and pictures: www.ruisbestuiving.be

23 augustus 2011

op reis

my diary from our trip to france and switzerland last week, a page a day.

19 augustus 2011

we never really saw it coming

new zine available "we never really saw it coming"
36 pages, A5, black/white prints
5 euro / 7 euro (shipping included)

you can order it on their website (they have a lot of nice publications, so definitely take a look there!) or directly from me.

07 augustus 2011

security blotting 2

"security blotting 2" is a new book i made together with oshin albrecht. it's about our project we did together in scheld'apen last month. it's 48 pages full color and grayscale. we made only 25 copies and one copy is 10 euro (+shipping if needed). if you want one, just ask me or oshin!