31 mei 2011

toile de jouy

wallpaper design, inspired by the old 'toile de jouy' wallpapers. (but i replaced the typical romantic scenes with drawings inspired by photos of jews who were in the concentration camps.
i made it for the silkscreen exhibition in our school at the end of the year.

20 mei 2011

19 mei 2011

black moon

screen printed bags with my black moon drawing.
just ask me if you want one! (i've got only 6 pieces left right now, but i might try to reprint some more)

16 mei 2011

gang bang bong

the gang bang bong zine (with my comic 'mouse trap') is printed and already for sale in the usa. i haven't seen it myself, but looking really forward to it!

with contributions by aisha franz, aidan koch, paul paetzel, ana albero, jaakko pallasvuo and many others. you can buy it and find all the info online on the gang bang bong website.

Language: english & español
20 x 25 cm / 110 pages
1000 copies