07 december 2012

park pardon

Great new zine by the Dutch collective Park Pardon! 

"Park" is a collection of parks by Faye Coral Johnson, John Broadley, Louis Reith, Aidan Koch, Eva Vermeiren, Matthew Feyld, Harriët van Reek, Brecht Vandenbroucke, Inger Zivana, Lie Dirkx, Mari Kanstad Johnsen, Jake Evans, Bloeme van Bon, Rebecca Crompton, Jildau Jongbloed, Caroline Gaedechens, Ryan Storm, Jake Evans, Martha Verschaffel, Ward Zwart, Geran Knol, Cristóbal Schmal and Chelsea Wong. 

The pictures above are by louis reith, lie dirkx, ryan storm and me. You will be able to order one on their website soon, or send an email to parkpardon@gmail.com. 

06 december 2012


bought and traded on the grafixx zine fest in antwerp last weekend. books by ward zwart, park pardon, s()n, sans soleil, jenni rope, laura geurten & eva vermeiren, biografiktion, cazzimir meulemans, louis reith and atsuko ishii. 

11 november 2012


Postcard for an upcoming group show in CC Ter Dilft, Bornem, curated by Gudrun Makelberge. More info about the exhibition soon!

01 november 2012

Fanzine Festival Exhibition

The Fanzine Festival exhibition is still running 'til the 4th of november. We visited last week, during the 'salon fanzines'. But I was too busy buying books, so I forgot to take pictures of the book fair.

11 oktober 2012

sans soleil 1

"sans soleil #1", the belgium issue, was released last month. it's a magazine composed by ward zwart. i did a double page for this edition, next to other illustrators such as sarah van belle, chiara lammens, astrid yskout and céline hudreaux (images below)

there are still some copies available on: http://cargocollective.com/sanssoleil/Sans-Soleil-1-The-Belgium-Issue-1 or for more information about the upcoming edition visit the facebook page

21 september 2012


illustrations for Gonzo (circus) #111

04 september 2012

zines and books

got a lot of new zines and books last month:

Donnie Darko fanzine, Bloeme van Bon & Chris Harnan, Niek Pronk, Cabula #7, "Tiny gaat kamperen", Anthony Zinonos, "Pelea Pelea", Adriana Lozano and Gemma Correll

Art Trek 9 zine, Shimrit Elkanati, Sans Soleil #1, Marcel Dzama and Geran Knol

Mike Taylor, Ciro Berliac, "Woodcuts by Thomas Bewick", Geran Knol & Lie Dirkx

28 augustus 2012

Mademoiselle Gogo

pages from a short collaboration i did with alain marciano.

21 augustus 2012

art trek opening

some pictures of the opening of Art Trek 9, still running in Mekanik in Antwerp until the 17th of september. pictures by ephameron and roger laute.

26 juli 2012

boxing heroes postcards

i did a series of silkscreen postcards about boxing heroes. 
they wll be for sale at the opening of Art Trek saturday, or at other zine fest or shows.
(if you want a series, you can also send an email of crouse. 5 euro/set + shipping.)

16 juli 2012


new books: 
top - Tomoko 1, Kovra #4, Angela Dalinger, Tom Wouters, CC De Spil (Trui Chielens), Ediciones Valientes.
down - John Broadley and Aisha Franz.

14 juli 2012

Studio orka

Illustration for the new Studio Orka production "Jacobsneus".

29 juni 2012

Art Trek

On the 28th of july opens the new Art Trek expo in Antwerp. It's always an amazing group show with great illustrators, and i'm really glad to be part of this next edition! 

"Art Trek 9" unites young and international graphic talent in Antwerp.

The ninth edition of the yearly exhibition Art Trek opens on July 28th from 18h at Galerie Mekanik in Antwerp. A new international selection of fourteen street artists, illustrators, comic book artists and graphic designers make for an inspiring discovery of the contemporary alternative art scene.


Participating artists:
Anthony Zinonos (ZA), Bjorn Rune Lie (NO), Cortney Cassidy (US), Ephameron (BE), Jim Houser (US), JooHee Yoon (KR), Lizzy Stewart (UK), Maarten Donders (NL), Martha Verschaffel (BE), Max Rippon (US), Nora Krug (DE), Park Pardon (NL), Sebastiaan Van Doninck (BE), Shimrit Elkanati (IL).

Art Trek is organised with the financial aid of the Province of Antwerp with sponsorship by Levis and Ibis Budget Hotels.

More info on www.art-trek.be

Hope to see you there!

21 juni 2012


short article about my work in ABSoluut magazine
(text by Siska Verstraete)

11 juni 2012


new comic "flood", about my fear of watering plants, in the 4th KOVRA zine by Ediciones Valientes. More information about the zine here

26 mei 2012


this time the two-monthly cultural magazine Rekto:Verso is about cultural education. i was asked to draw my vision on this subject. my contribution is mainly about the function of the atelier for an artist (as a student and after graduating). there's a bigger version on the website of Rekto:Verso

16 mei 2012


screenprinting series of postcards with my boxing friends. 

09 mei 2012

books and zines

new books and zines! first picture: amanda vähämäki & michelangelo setola, laura geurten, kuš #10 "sea stories", animal encyclopedia, anke feuchtenberger, kuš, mejor amigo one and two. second picture: bendik kaltenborn, michelangelo setola, marcus oakley, anthony cudahy and a taschen book about symbolism. last picture: daniel clowes, tim enthoven, magpie mag #5, risografia, flip book by muybridge, set of card by sarah vanbelle, books with the tales from andersen and "het martyrium" by canetti, eva mundorff, studio fluit and mark goss.

07 mei 2012

magpie mag

the new magpie magazine is out now! it's a beautiful magazine with literature, pictures and illustration. you can get one here: http://www.magpiemag.net/.

27 april 2012

mejor amigo

my deer is in the small zine "mejor amigo", curated by sofia alvarez, with other contributions by adriana lozano, powerpaola, muriel bellini and many others.