28 oktober 2011


i did a short interview for the berlin based HONK! magazine. questions are by Amanda Morgan Jansson (who's a great photographer herself!).

19 oktober 2011


new books from aidan koch, trui chielens, john broadley, césar brun, more aidan koch, the newest kiin by the lovely geisser sisters, stickers by café con leche, the first edition of gang bang bong, postcards by julien pacaud, tomoko 2 and a work from aidan koch i bought on the art trek exhibition.

05 oktober 2011


my contribution to the 'el senor' zine about the book of genesis. it represents my interpretation of the story about adam and eve.
(i'm making screenprined posters of this one, soon!)

03 oktober 2011


flea market founds: a manual to become a boxing champion, a scissors and a set to create your own typo stamps (i was looking for something like this for ages).