29 januari 2010

child drawings

some of my child drawings (i think i was about 5 years old). the one above is jesus on the cross. the one below is Sinterklaas on his horse. and the last one is titled "een meisje dat dood is door de zwaarden en dat nu een beeld is geworden" ("a girl that was killed by the swords and became a statue").  

25 januari 2010


this night i dreamt a filmscenario, the images were moving pencil-drawings. it was a very short sequence, but one of the most inspiring dreams i've ever had. i made some sketches after i woke up, because maybe, some day, i'd like to make a film about this dream.

24 januari 2010

i tiresias

more nightmare images, this time inspired by 'the waste land'. sometimes i have the feeling everything is connected.

17 januari 2010

15 januari 2010

cornu (1)

a little part of a new series of silkscreens. 

12 januari 2010


 started drawing again (still sketching). trying to continue my project of last year, by making new drawings, and hopefully new books, someday...

sketches, inspired by nightmares about trees growing out of a wooden floor, a wounded deer and gigantic pigeons.

10 januari 2010

quay brothers

Yesterday evening I saw some films of the Quay-Brothers (thanks to the video of robbe). They are as fascinating as the films from Jan Svankmajer, but even more frightening and strange. The last photo is a frame from my favourite part of my favourite film, so far, of them 'In Absentia'. They are a great discovery.

08 januari 2010


today i bought this book, made by Blexbolex. 

04 januari 2010


i have not enough time to draw these days. so i give you some pictures of one of my favourite painters Vilhelm Hammershoi. Last night i spent some time looking in my book of him, and i would recommend it to everyone.