24 december 2011


my favourite records from 2011

1. PJ Harvey - Let Engeland Shake
2. Bill Callahan - Apocalypse
3. Thurston Moore - Demolished Thoughts
4. David Lynch - Crazy Clown Time
5. Feist - Metals
6. Lykke Li - Wounded Rhymes
7. Räpe Blossoms - Starving Vultures At 7-Eleven
8. Tom Waits - Bad As Me
9. The Bony King Of Nowhere - Eleonore/Les Géants
10. Deus - Keep You Close

19 december 2011

el senor

yay, got both of the 'el senor' zines in my mailbox today. my genesis drawing (which i also used for the posters) is in the second edition of the zine, together with contributions by laurent impeduglia, jim pluk, luciano scherer and many others. more on http://elsenior.tumblr.com/

04 december 2011

genesis posters

new silkscreen posters available since today! it's a two page comic about adam and eve, i did some time ago, and which i turned into a series of two silkscreened posters.

20 euro / poster (+shipping)
two colour silkscreen
64 x 48 cm
edition of 100 each

if you want one (or both), just leave a message or send me an email (marthaverschaffel(at)gmail(dot)com).

there are also copies (for now only of the second poster) available at the bongout bookshop in berlin, or on their webshop: http://shop.bongout.org/p-1363-martha-verschaffel-untitled.aspx

10 november 2011


berlin with boris, eva and jenka

09 november 2011

komikaze #10

the new komikaze magazine is out! and it includes my short comic "mist", together with a lot of other stories by jay wright, igor hofbauer, chiu kwong man, berliac and many others.

to order it send your order to komikaze5001@gmail.com or buy it in comic shops in zagreb or ljubljana.
for more info and the entire list of artists: visit the website.

01 november 2011

screen print

screen printing the first copies of a series of new posters and postcards.

28 oktober 2011


i did a short interview for the berlin based HONK! magazine. questions are by Amanda Morgan Jansson (who's a great photographer herself!).

19 oktober 2011


new books from aidan koch, trui chielens, john broadley, césar brun, more aidan koch, the newest kiin by the lovely geisser sisters, stickers by café con leche, the first edition of gang bang bong, postcards by julien pacaud, tomoko 2 and a work from aidan koch i bought on the art trek exhibition.

05 oktober 2011


my contribution to the 'el senor' zine about the book of genesis. it represents my interpretation of the story about adam and eve.
(i'm making screenprined posters of this one, soon!)

03 oktober 2011


flea market founds: a manual to become a boxing champion, a scissors and a set to create your own typo stamps (i was looking for something like this for ages).

11 september 2011


four-page comic i made for human mouth zine. i made the drawings some time ago, but i just found them back, and realised the zine probably never appeared. too bad!

07 september 2011

art trek

new big pencil drawing (1,25m x 1,25m) i made for the current art trek show (http://www.art-trek.be/). it's running until the 17th of september, and you should take a look because there are a lot of great artists in it (paul paetzel, till hafenbrak, ana albero, aidan koch, henning wagenbreth, ephameron, vagabundos and many more)!

(art trek 8 - mekanik gallery - sint jacobsmarkt 73 antwerpen - monday-friday 10h-18h30 saturday 10h-19h)

31 augustus 2011


ruisbestuiving is a new project by glimworm, a radio show here in ghent. they released a new record with collaborations between several belgian artists. the covers for the 400 lp's of this record were made by 400 different artists. this is my copy, which you can see, together with the 399 other ones, in the exhibition on the 1st and 2nd of september in DOK (ghent). the day after (3/9) you can listen to the songs and buy the records on the release party.

more info and pictures: www.ruisbestuiving.be

23 augustus 2011

op reis

my diary from our trip to france and switzerland last week, a page a day.

19 augustus 2011

we never really saw it coming

new zine available "we never really saw it coming"
36 pages, A5, black/white prints
5 euro / 7 euro (shipping included)

you can order it on their website (they have a lot of nice publications, so definitely take a look there!) or directly from me.