28 februari 2010


someone gave my mother an incredible collection of shark teeth. it reminds me of my own collection, which exists of 5 teeth.
i have always been a very bad collector. every week i started a new one. (stamps, shark teeth, little rocks, music boxes, the last smarties out of every tube,
candy wrappers, porcelain dolls, forms to fill in your name, a piece of toilet paper from every toilet i went to, images of virgin mary, ...)

26 februari 2010

soft as chalk

i can not stop listening to her.

every day i have a new favourite song.
and there are 18 of them.
today this is the one:

(i promise i will try to avoid more posts or conversations about her or her music in the future. because i'm annoying people tremendously by talking about nothing else anymore. i went every day of the week to the cd store, although i knew it would not be released until monday)

23 februari 2010

bonnie dearie

drawings for the new book i'm working on

19 februari 2010

for mieke and veronik

sad news, the shop of my favourite beard ladies will close down.
it was the only place where you could listen to jackson c frank while shopping

17 februari 2010


yesterday i bought this book "campo di baba" from amanda vähämäki. 
i want her name. and her talent for drawing en telling stories.

14 februari 2010


"conversations i've never had" and "people i've never met"

my submission for the

05 februari 2010

only skin

first version of a new drawing for the project "Huis Clos"

03 februari 2010

dark room

some of the first test prints.