29 augustus 2010


new zine about a frog, a farm and fashion.

24 pages, handbound, with screenprinted text. each has a different cover stolen from old superhero comic books. i have only 28 copies, so let me know if you want one! (marthaverschaffel(at)gmail(dot)com) (6 euro + 2 for shipping)

25 augustus 2010


on the 17th and 18th of september there's a small exhibition in antwerp (together with a lot of shows and music and films), curated by astrid yskout, with drawings from astrid, sarah vanbelle, eva mundorff, kristof luyckx, dries bastiaensen and myself.

the great gradient poster is made by astrid and ward!

allemaal komen! ja!

18 augustus 2010


"But not this one, Jim. Okay?"

04 augustus 2010


started drawing my dream when i woke up this morning, finished ten minutes ago.

trades part 2

01 augustus 2010