09 mei 2012

books and zines

new books and zines! first picture: amanda vähämäki & michelangelo setola, laura geurten, kuš #10 "sea stories", animal encyclopedia, anke feuchtenberger, kuš, mejor amigo one and two. second picture: bendik kaltenborn, michelangelo setola, marcus oakley, anthony cudahy and a taschen book about symbolism. last picture: daniel clowes, tim enthoven, magpie mag #5, risografia, flip book by muybridge, set of card by sarah vanbelle, books with the tales from andersen and "het martyrium" by canetti, eva mundorff, studio fluit and mark goss.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. En "De laatste doet het licht uit" vergeten! ;-)

  2. wow ! a great stash !,would love all of those books,
    I blogged about your fab new zine over at tinderbox.

  3. oh, tom, die zat al in de andere boekenkast!
    and jane, thanks, so nice!