17 november 2009


sketches for a story about dromedaries

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I think dromedaries are lovely animals.
    interesting idea for a story!

    p.s. could you translate some of the phrases on the sketches for me to understand?

    thanks (:

  2. ooOOooh hihihi je dromedarisjongetje is keimooi!

  3. well, polly, it was not my story, it was for a charity organisation. the dromedary was only a little part of the story, but i also like dromedaries, so i gave him the main role.

    the text on the drawings are sentences taken from the story (the first one: "look into the lens, do not blink your eyes and put a smile on your face", the second one: "men and women, children and elderly, rich and poor").

    well, not so relevant in fact. i think the look of the text was more important than the meaning of it.