30 november 2009

what i dreamt about last night (2)

i was somewhere between waking and sleeping. and i saw a car with two women in it. it was like a film, because the images came to me, and i saw close-ups of the faces of the women. 
they were talking, but i could not hear what they were saying.
then, the blonde woman began talking, very slowly and with a clear voice, in german:

"zwei augen bin ich schwer
zwei kirchen bin ich schwer
ein prospektus bin ich schwer"

i don't know the meaning of those words. but in the dream it was like she was saying that she was faithful to two eyes, and faithful to two churches, but only faithful to one vision. but i don't think that's the correct translation of those words.
i woke up, but i was still in the dream, and wanted to write it down. but i could not, because i was still asleep. 

5 opmerkingen:

  1. that is so weird martha! I wonder what's the meaning of those words...but I don't know german. mh. which language do you speak in belgium? sorry, this is such a stupid question to ask, but I know the conutry speaks something like 3 different languages...

  2. i understand (and can speak) a little german, but this does not make sense anyway. a very little part of belgium speaks german, but most of us speak dutch or french. (i'm on the north side of the country, so my native language is dutch.)

  3. dutch is the coolest I guess so well done (:

  4. Two eyes am I heavy/serious
    Two churches am I heavy/serious
    Prospect/catalogue am I heavy/serious
    (although prospektus isn't german)

  5. dreams can be so confusingly distant sometimes, this sounds like a strangely clear dream. i love the drawing, very very beautiful!